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Dear future CEO, we are seeking an ambitious director able to create a new airline that aims to conquer the global civil aviation market! Once in office, you'll receive a budget of $300 million and have carte blanche to decide which strategy to adopt thanks to more than 60 aircraft and 2,600 geolocalized airports.

You will also be in charge of your airline's Research and Development center. With over 500 patents awaiting financing and more than 200 ideas for services, you'll have to use your strategic skills to make the best decisions. Diplomatic acumen can be a plus if you choose to develop your airline as part of an alliance. The support of your allies can be a major asset for your future investments.

If you think you have what it takes to be a real airline manager, this job is for you! So, don't wait any longer and join us on Airlines Manager!

The Airlines Manager mobile app is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android!
Manage your airline in a few seconds.
Create your fleet from among over 60 realistic aircraft that all come from modern civil aviation! Boost the management of your airline by negotiating hard with real bankers. Optimize the management of your airline network and view the results in real time on the flight map! Unlock over 500 different researches via the Research & Development trees. Customize your airline by choosing from among more than 200 available services! Video: less than one minute to present the free airline management game

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